Laser procedures...

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Laser procedures...

Post  Cluelesskitty on Sun 05 Jun 2011, 3:01 am

Ladies, has any of you ever done any laser procedure for beauty purposes only?
Or is considering it?

I removed my underarm hair and broken capillaries on my face.
Both of these weren't as they promised once or twice procedure - oh not I had to come back at least 4 times
until they decided it should be a done deal.

The broken capillaries were removed in 80% to 90%, but little did I know they will continue to appear as the blood
vessels will keep on breaking for variety of reason, which is normal btw.
The tiny single fresh capillaries started showing after about a year or so.

Still I am very happy I did that as it improved my ruddy complexion dramatically.

Underarms - also up to 90% at most, but considering it was done about 5 years ago and nothing grew back whatsoever
I think it was money well spent.

Now the money - I can't remember what did I pay as it was a bunched deal for me and my daughter
plus I also got a good 40% off the whole price as it was done by one of my close friends (I know, lucky me Smile )
but it wasn't that bad anyway.

The pain of laser resemble stretching rubber band and pinging with it repeatedly.
Depending on the area and the kind of laser it may be more or less painful.

I will certainly one day finish my remaining 10% under my arms,
and my dream of getting a tattoo is still alive.. if only I could find what it is I want to have tattooed!


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Re: Laser procedures...

Post  Paradox on Sun 05 Jun 2011, 8:41 pm

I've never done it, I guess I'm to cheap. But, if I had a free certificate from a good practitioner I would like to have my whole face resurfaced. I know, I would have to go in to hiding for awhile while my face scabbed off affraid, but I have old adolescent acne scars, uneven tone, those lovely broken capillaries by my nose, wrinkles where my once charming smirk has left a crevice on the right side of my mouth.

yeah, I would do it if someone gave me the $$.

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