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Post  alli on Thu 30 Jun 2011, 12:59 pm

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the distinct lack of customer service as the economy has been in the crapper? I deal with a lot of different companies with my job and despite sending detailed letters along with my service forms, applications, etc NOBODY reads them. I get calls back rejecting my forms and when I check, if they had read my frickin letter they would have had the answer they were looking for!

I try really hard to be proactive and avoid unnecessary delays and it is turning into an exercise in futility. Spending hours on the phone explaining two or three times what I want to do is just driving me nuts. IF and this is a big IF, I didn't have to spend 15-20 minutes waiting on hold for someone to answer the phone it wouldn't be that bad but.... no...

I guess this is the new economy.

I am sooooooo glad it is a three day weekend!

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Re: Peeve......

Post  milo on Thu 30 Jun 2011, 6:18 pm

I've noticed this decline in the last decade or so. Now adays I get suprised when I get excelllent's so rare. I miss it so much. Sad

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Re: Peeve......

Post  Cluelesskitty on Fri 01 Jul 2011, 2:35 am

Oh gosh, don't get me started on that!!!!!!

I hate hate hate hate hate what this world is coming to!!

Recently I bought a humidifier which after a year of use just up and died.
It was only a 30 bucks so we said oh well, we got a year out of it anyway so good riddance.

So I bought a new one, twice as costly hoping more money = more quality,
and as sure as the return date- after two weeks - has passed, it started sputtering
and spewing water instead of mist everywhere.

Now I have to cover my floor with a plastic tablecloth to protect it from the puddles water that generate during the night
around the humidifier.

I can't even go to the store and try to argue to get a return or exchange anyway because a few months ago
I bought there a small upright vacuum, -80$-, to do a quick clean up and which also expired
just after the two weeks return date, exactly after two months of use.
One day WHOOSH!- POP! and the motor burned out all of a sudden.

I argued and argued and finally the manager agreed to exchange only for the exact same model,
which didn't make me too happy as by then I knew the vacuum is just plain crappy design to begin with.
But at least with a great care, I can use it once in a blue moon.

Do they make anything that lasts anymore? And does the price matter? I don't think so.

People aren't proud of their workmanship anymore, of what the brand represents anymore,
they hardly have any work values and ethic anymore.
There is no one responsible for anything nowadays.

No matter what price, if it is a lollipop, a box of matches or a new condo - it can be equally
as good or as poorly constructed.

For example, a few years ago many people in BC lost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on leaky condos
they bought hoping to make a good investment that comes with owning your own apartment or a town home.

Instead, as it turned out, the dishonest contractor used only the cheapest materials to build the condos,
wasn't up to code many times and skipped on labor as well.

The results? supposedly the water pipes broke the first harsh winter, but since the company quickly ceased to exist
soon after they build these condos, there was no one to be held responsible.
The owners were stuck with the leaky new homes, the costs od repairs, the costs of lawsuits, and no money for all this ....

This is simply disturbing.


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Re: Peeve......

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