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New medication

Post  KimbaK on Sat 20 Apr 2013, 8:09 pm

Hi all,

Sorry I have been away so long. I have been lurking but not posting. At last check in I got my disability benefits and was feeling great because I thought I had convinced them that I had legitimate pain. As I savored my victory, the approval letter came in, the judge noted she considered me to have too much medication but was approving the benefits.

I'm glad I got the benefits but it takes the shine off to realize that no matter what the whole world still clings to the $!@#$ idea that its all about the meds. Its so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

Pain is about the same, some okay days some I wish I could just pass out for a while. I have seen 2 new doctors at the pain clinic and had a false positive urine test. Since it was an unscheduled test I volunteered for they gave me the benefit of the doubt. I had to have another test at my next visit "just to clear things up" which I expected, but still. Grrr. I had to go through my whole speech for both drs even though I have a file so thick it weighs 8 pounds. The last guy tried to tell me "well, we are going to cut those Norco." The look on his face when I said, "No, I don't think you understand the situation," was actually funny enough to make that episode kind of entertaining. He left my meds alone and then did not know what Relpax is.

Then he asked me if I ever tried a long term pain regimen. I hadn't so he prescribed morphine, a low dose every 12 hours. I started it last night, so far no side effects. Not even drowsiness. I had a pretty good day. It may actually be helping, but I am concerned about the possibility of addiction.

I feel like it is a minimal risk since I have been taking all this other stuff for years and have no desire to take it when I don't need it. I don't feel any kind of euphoria or giddiness when I do take it. Sometimes it is over an hour before I feel any pain relief. I haven't felt any change in mood with the morphine. I'm glad I don't feel the urge to take it but it is kind of scary to realize that one of the big guns does nothing for me.

I had to go to ER last weekend. I was super lucky that the doctor and nurse on duty had treated me before. I was treated immediately with the max dose, but it still was slow in relieving the pain and it did not do as much as I needed it to. It was very scary that I did not feel that much better. Eventually I passed out and woke up better, but its terrifying to know that I may be beyond help at some point in the future.


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