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Post  Admin on Fri 29 Oct 2010, 12:03 pm

Please note that these rules will be updated from time to time as needed, so read them every once in a while


1) As this is a headache site, please type in short blocks with double spaces in between blocks. Reading large blocks of text when you have a migraine is very difficult.

2) This is an all ages site, so please remember what you type may be read by a child. Please use alternate phrases rather then swearing during your vents. There is a very limited word censor program activated, so please use respectful language.

3) The misc section is for misc subjects. Any topic is allowed, however, racist, sexist, homophobic, and other types of hateful comments will not be tolerated.

4) In most cases, the moderator will simply lock a thread if it starts to get out of hand, however, in some cases threads may be removed if they are deemed offensive.

5) There is a warning system in place for if it is determined that you are posting inappropriate posts including PM's. You will be banned from the site if you persist after a specfic number of warnings and complaints. Bans may be for a limited amount of time or for life depending on the infractions.

6) Please do not share personal information other then your own. This includes using a users real name, location, job title etc. Do not discuss information that is not yours to share, as all posts on this site are open to public viewing and many people wish to remain anonymous. You can be banned from the site for continuing to do so after you have received warnings.

7) Please always think about your own personal safety before posting any personal information.

8 ) Please do not get in any situation that would allow you to get in legal trouble for defamation of a person, place or business. You can avoid this by never naming real names and using PM.

9) No Spam is allowed on this site. Please report any spam as soon as possible to admin.

10) If you are having problems with someone on the site, please contact admin with the details. Please copy any bothersome PM's so admin can review them if needed.

11) Double posting is allowed, but please consider editing your post rather then double posting.

12) Remember that material written by anyone else should be referenced if at all possible (at least cite your sources). Don't get yourself into legal trouble by posting something unless you are very sure you are allowed to and certainly don't post it as your own work!

13) Please contact the admin if you have questions, comments or concerns.


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