Weird when that happens...

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Weird when that happens...

Post  Paradox on Thu 24 Mar 2011, 7:17 pm

Risa just posted a song by Peter Gabriel. After I listened I returned to my room and picked up my book " Why Not Say Whay Happened" a memoir by Ivana Lowell.

Two pages into my reading on page 114 was the sentence "Francesca was in a volatile relationship with the rock star Peter Gabriel".

Peter Gabriel is not a name that comes up in my world very why twice in less than ten minutes?

I just think it is so odd when that happens.

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Re: Weird when that happens...

Post  Cluelesskitty on Fri 25 Mar 2011, 12:23 am

Hmm, how peculiar, Charlotte!

But I don't believe things like that are always only coincidences.
Surely there must have been a reason this happened to you?

Only what?


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