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Post  kimsmom on Sun 28 Sep 2014, 7:01 am

I just went to our Fall Festival which had lots of vendors with fun things to look at and buy. My friend was looking at a magnetic bracelet when the vendor started telling her medicinal reasons why this bracelet was so good. She then went on to the necklaces. I was sitting down after working all morning and waiting until I heard her say the necklaces have been known to help with migraine headaches.

Well, I am like everyone else here, there is no magic pill. But I got up and looked at the necklace. It was very pretty. I liked it right away. I had nothing that length and putting it on was very easy with the magnets. Long story short I bought it. I like it for what it is...a necklace. If it helps at all for my headaches I will be thrilled but I bought it for the look of the necklace.

Anyone else ever hear about magnets helping with headaches and if so have you gotten any results? I am the type of person that takes her jewelry off the minute I get home. I am wearing this necklace now just sitting around the house. The lady said to wear U
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