8 months post Migraine Nerve Decompression and Excision surgery

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8 months post Migraine Nerve Decompression and Excision surgery Empty 8 months post Migraine Nerve Decompression and Excision surgery

Post  7777Trinity on Wed 28 Jan 2015, 7:36 am


Just a quick update. It has been 8 months since I had the surgery and only 6 migraines! cheers sunny flower

Prior to the surgery as you know I was having 20-23 migraines each month...ugh!

I look back on my life then and realize the prison I was in. I am out now, however that said there are psychological issues to address now.

One being that after being in the "Monster Migraine Prison", when you are finally out it takes time to get rid of that "Mental Prison". The one that always says "you can't", "you will get sick", "you are not physically strong enough anymore" And the subtle voice telling you not to change your old habits. I know all of you would love to have only the psychological part to deal with in being well, that said it is challenging to change patterns that took hold over a decade or two in behavior and thought processes.

I never even thought about this part. I am posting a picture taken yesterday of me, its good to see some of the evidence of suffering leaving my face. I am smiling and laughing way more now!

The other issue is that I was bedridden for a year or more, probably two. My immune system was weak because I hadn't been exposed to much because I was inside our home most of the time. Now that I am getting out I catch every "virus" out there...ugh! I had an upper respiratory and sinus infection for 6 weeks, got over than and now have a rotten cold!

Again, I am not complaining just informing about different challenges in being well. flower
P.S. My own hair again too!
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