Showering with migraine ...

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Showering with migraine ... Empty Showering with migraine ...

Post  Cluelesskitty on Thu 15 Oct 2015, 1:58 am

Interesting post from Teri Robert on dangers that lurks in the bathroom  during migraine attack:

One thing only - do we have to suffer such ugly pieces of shower/bath furniture?
My friend was able to buy at some trendy downtown  kitchen/bath boutique  such a terrific European  acrylic orange bath chair
which  somewhat resembled a Swiss cheese lol
but  still it was so comfy and beautiful,  and most of all -practical. the water seeped thru holes, and since it was plastic it didn't get moldy
and dried in no time. cleaning it was a zip.
I tried to find a picture of it but can't, perhaps b/c it is a good few years old chair, probably either discontinued or not imported anymore.

nevermind, though, here's something also  possibly  suited for a bath/shower  that is so much prettier:

the mother of   simplicity

same, in dark  pink

T M o S 2

M -shaped

for blue blooded

(my friend had a very similar chair, hers had had  more round and irregular holes on both top and bottom)

swiss cheese chair

so many fantastic colors!

lace chair

all holes

even goths can have their own

muted colors

comfy swiss cheese

simple yet pretty

cute red stool

avocado ? bomb?

there is plethora of plastic and acrylic furniture online, just put in the  with address bar either "chair" or "stool",
"acrylic", "plastic",  - whichever you prefer,  you may simply write "acrylic chair" or "modern acrylic chair" etc
and you'll be amazed how abundant  and how imaginative  stuff can be.
I'd happily pay even $200+ bucks for a truly gorgeous acrylic chair knowing not only I'll be happy every time at showertime
but I'll also have quite a showy piece in an unexpected place , lolol  cheers


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Showering with migraine ... Empty Re: Showering with migraine ...

Post  Sara79 on Thu 15 Oct 2015, 7:21 am

Personally, I tend to bathe (tub bath) when the migraines have me dizzy and unstable. I also keep a desk lamp with a very low wattage bulb (40/60?), and use that on the Uber photophobic days, however our bathroom has a huge window (at 6 foot high on the wall), if I can I'll use sunlight, and if it's too bright I've got posterboard cut to fit and block the light. I'm using the foam board that kids around here use for their science fair projects.

I do think the idea is a great one, it's just our shower is so small you'd have nothing besides you and the chair, you possibly optional.

On the horrific days, I just toss my hands up, and go without a shower, since I'm not leaving the house on the colt 45 days.

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