Methysergide / Sansert / Deseril availability

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Methysergide / Sansert / Deseril availability Empty Methysergide / Sansert / Deseril availability

Post  Platypus on Wed 16 Oct 2013, 12:10 am

As you may know, this medicine has become virtually impossible to acquire since the UK manufacturer Alliance Pharmaceuticals discontinued the Deseril branded product in March of this year.

An alternative is to have Methysergide compounded by a compounding pharmacy. But most compounding pharmacies are unable to obtain Methysergide.

If you are looking for compounded Methysergide and have hit a dead end, compounded Methysergide is available from Aborn Compound Pharmacy in San Jose, CA. A prescription from a U.S. licensed physician is required to order, and they can ship anywhere in the world.  

Also, I have been taking Methysergide daily since 2002, know pretty much everything about it, and am happy to answer your Methysergide questions.

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