Update on neuro and surgery

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Update on neuro and surgery Empty Update on neuro and surgery

Post  KimbaK on Wed 18 Dec 2013, 8:28 pm

Well, I heard from the surgeon's office today. The insurance company's Medical Director personally reviewed my information and decided that I needed Occipital Nerve Blocks before he will consider the surgery. So... I have had all the procedures. They just don't have enough of my records to show the measures I have already taken. I just have to get my pain clinic to fax my med records to the surgeon who will then forward that to the insurance company's Medical Director and the we'll see where it goes from there. My pain management team moved earlier this month to a new building and I'm hoping and praying that they have unpacked my chart. I called them earlier today and left a voice mail for the med records person. So tomorrow I'll go to the office and request it in person.

I didn't think there would be anything to update this quickly. I'm excited. And hopeful!!


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