Bad M and anemia- help please

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Bad M  and anemia- help please Empty Bad M and anemia- help please

Post  sconesail on Sat 30 May 2015, 5:05 am

Hi all,

I was recently diagnosed with severe anemia and had my first iron treatment about 10 days ago. Blood work show hematocrit of 34, but it will take a while for iron levels to build back up.

I'm really frustrated and scared. I have no energy at all, the headache is horrendous as is the fainting. I've dealt with severe migraines for 17 years and chronic fainting for six. I have learned to deal with those relatively well. This is completely different- none of my usual coping tricks are working such as medications, talking to friends, distractions, even writing aren't helping.

I have never felt this bad. I Am trying not to freak out, but it is hard. It doesn't help that is hard for me to put up the usual I will be ok front or that my parents advice seems to be "buck up, cheer up, don't be upset irritable. This just isn't me and I don't know what to do. I'm supposed to teach Sunday School tomorrow but had to cancel- I'm filling in for someone. I hate that I had to cancel. I started going to this church a few months ago and love it. I was surprised when the Sunday school teacher- whom I've known for a few years through pain support group asked me to teach while he recovers from knee surgery. I really like it and everyone has been helpful and great. All of them know about Dora and the class knows about the anemia issues. I guess I just feel like I can't get a break right now.

I don't know what to do. Hospitalization has never been particularly helpful- all were migraine related it. I feel so bad that I'm wondering if that would help. If nothing else, maybe they could at least give fluids, maybe get the iron up and possibly see what is causing this. I have my next iron treatment on Tuesday and hope that will help. I will certainly tell them how bad I feel and hope they can help in some way because I'm at a complete loss right now. So far, we don't know what is causing this. I have been taking oral iron for a year, but clearly, my body is no longer absorbing it- hence the infusions. I have had heavier periods lately, but my doctors have said that it could be a cause or a symptom. I will have an ultrasound and follow up with the ob/gym next week. I'm really wondering If the fainting and anemia are tied in with something else. I don't know. What I do know is that we need to get to the bottom of this.

Ok, sorry, I know it kind of turned into a rant, but thanks for letting me vent.

Pain free days,

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Bad M  and anemia- help please Empty Re: Bad M and anemia- help please

Post  30yrsofheadache on Sun 31 May 2015, 3:27 pm

Scone, I am so sorry you are going through so much. Have you ever been tested for Celiac disease? I was very anemic before I went on a GF diet, because my body was not absorbing nutrients properly. Afterwards, it went back to normal. I was having migraines daily and truly thought I was dying a slow and painful death.

The migraines improved, but didnt go away totally., Then I got Lyme and they went crazy again! So, just a thought. If you are really desperate, and sick of Dr visits, you could try a trial of a GF diet to see if you feel better. It was only a week or so until I felt better.

Of course, its advised to be tested first. The test has to be done while eating a gluten rich diet to be accurate. I really hope you can get to the bottom of your symptoms. Dont give up, it took many years and doctors for each diagnosis.

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