My Blogs - Who else?

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My Blogs - Who else?

Post  TRobert on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 4:11 pm

Who else blogs about Migraines?

My primary blogs are:

I'd love to know who else is blogging so I can mark and follow your blogs.


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Re: My Blogs - Who else?

Post  Cluelesskitty on Sun 01 May 2011, 10:14 pm

Thank very much, you Teri.

I am sorry it took me sooo long to reply! somehow I've missed this thread (shakes head)

I am very grateful for your links, I will sure use them often.
Personally I do not blog, it will be interesting to know who else does.

I was very touched by "A Parent's Lament"
I am not sure if my daughter has, after all, M or not.
But she isn't as healthy as she used to be while a child (she is in her 20ties now), and she has HAs often.
Too often for my liking.
So the poem hit straight home.

It hit home anyway as it describes everything I myself went thru,
and as mother/migraineur, I can imagine how sad and helpless a mother of a tiny, little, adolescent, adult -child, can feel.


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