I am very busy recently...

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I am very busy recently...

Post  Cluelesskitty on Sat 30 Jul 2011, 1:56 am

and that is why I am lately mostly absent from the forum for which I profusely apologize,

but at the end of June a friend from Poland (good friend, a woman) came here for holidays.

She is not staying with us at our house but a few blocks away at yet another friend's house, but all the same as she our good
friend too, I spend a lot of time with her as well.
About two and half week after she came my daughter was leaving to PL for her holidays so I had to help her to buy gifts
and pack her bags, and this Monday I will be joining her there as well, yikes!!
I had to buy more gifts (a few more to do) and tomorrow I have a hair apmnt and I still haven't packed MY own bags !!!

I will remain in touch with The Fab while in PL as my friends where I am staying at have the computer,
so I suppose they'll let me use it although probably not on a daily basis.

Still, I'll be watching you peeps all the same, so behave and place nice! >**<
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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Re: I am very busy recently...

Post  Paradox on Sun 31 Jul 2011, 9:25 pm


I can't believe you haven't packed yet!! I only left for four days and was panicking because I hadn't packed the night before.

Be safe Friend, write when you can.

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