Wow! A helpful Social Security agent!

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Wow! A helpful Social Security agent!

Post  Paradox on Tue 09 Nov 2010, 11:28 am

Robert's (my mentally handicapped son) SSI check didn't show up this month so I called the office. I was shocked when I got through and didn't have to be on hold for 45 minutes.

The woman was very nice, and then suggested Direct Deposit. I was all for it but told her the web site kept rejecting the online application, and they say to do it online. She did it for me on the spot.

Then I told her that now that Robert has graduated he was paying helping pay household expenses. I asked what information needed to be submitted. She took all the info on the phone and Robert is getting a $200 increase in December. This will help us tremendously in trying to find subsidized housing for Robert.

Then the kicker...I told her I knew Robert wouldn't be eligible for medicare until he had been on SSI for two years. He is going to be losing his private insurance and I needed to know how much longer it would be.

She told me I had been given wrong information!!!! People who get SSDI have to wait two years to get medicare. Since Robert is on SSI he qualified for medicaid immediately! Man, if I would have know that Robert wouldn't have $2000 in medical bills to pay off right now.

It was such a delight to speak to someone who was so helpful and knowledgable. Social Security is such a maze anyway.

Robert qualified for SSI from the time he was an infant. However, hubby and I felt that since we were able to pay his bills it was our obligation to raise our child on our income. It felt too much like ripping off the government to have our minor child paying off some of the mortgage. So we never applied. I don't mean this as a criticism to parents who do collect SSI on minor children. Many parents can't work because they have to stay home and care for the child. Their medical expenses may be more than ours were. I know some asthmatic kids need to have air conditioning run all summer which makes for much higher power bills when some are on an already limited budget. I'm just saying for us it didn't feel right.

Now that he is an adult he needs to be working and contributing. He works a 40 hour week but it is in a sheltered workshop and he only makes about $50 a month. But, it helps him socially and helps him feel needed (he works at resale store. He cleans donated items to be put on the shelf. Easy work that is very repetitious. He really likes it there).

Sorry, rambled on, but this woman really made my day. I had been dreading calling the office!

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Re: Wow! A helpful Social Security agent!

Post  Angela on Tue 09 Nov 2010, 12:29 pm

Did you feel like you were in an alternate universe and this was "the Twilight Zone". (Insert eeerie music here)

That is wonderful. Like winning a bit of a lottery. Not everyone is dead weight over there as was just proved, it is just so hard to get that one brilliant light to pick up the phone.

Good news.
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